Engines for ultralight aircraft

This site presents manufacturers of engines for ultralight aircraft.

AeroConversions - The AeroVee 2.0 is a complete VW Conversion Package. This conversion represents over 9 years of Research and Development, which includes over 2500 man hours of engineering, machining, and testing. The design team has over 35 years of experience in pioneering and innovating VW Engine Conversions.

Aerotwin Motors - AeroTwin™ Motors Corporation has developed and is manufacturing and distributing the new patented AeroTwin™ Engine designed by Bill White of New Zealand. It was designed to meet the needs of several markets for a light-weight, yet powerful, engine in the 50-65 horsepower range.

Aerotech-Poland - We manufacture and offer you a big range of PSRU's transforming ordinary car and motorcycle engine into an aircraft engine

AlfaPrag TP422 - Flat-four engine (Boxer) Air-cooled four strokes engine Directly driven propeller Cylinder capacity 2183 cm3

Aviatec - A four stroke - compact, powerful, reliable, silent and economical. All that at a price of a two stroke. Developed on a NISSAN base, homologated UL aircraft in the Czech Republic and France – it passed successfully numerous tests.

B2 Engines - In 1995 B2 Engines was created to offer aircraft builders the components needed to convert the Suzuki G-10 engine into an aviation engine. As the project has progressed we have upgraded engines and changed our philosophy.

Bing Power Systems - BING has been producing carburettors for motorcycles from 50 cc to over 1000 cc for more than 70 years. Experienced engineers are optimising the development of the carburettors for fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions on modern test rigs to protect the environment. Our own rolling road vehicle test bed is supporting us in this work. Here you will find a selection of our carburettor types. Other types and technical documentation are available on request.

Bourke Engine - Bourke Engines! Super Efficient Green Engine Technology

BRP-Rotax - ROTAX, the world's leading supplier of aircraft engines for ultra-light and lightweight aircraft, continues to soar onwards and upwards. Our 4-stroke 4-cylinder boxer engines, with advanced design and superior weight/performance ratio, have propelled the experimental, ultra-light, lightweight aircraft and motor-glider segments to heady new heights.

Carr Precision - The original 1/2 VW developed in 1974 It has proven to be a strong and reliable aircraft engine. The 1/2 VW engine is powering experimental aircraft throughout the world.

Compact Radial Engines - We manufacture and distribute multi-purpose 2-stroke engines for PPG, Ultralight, and Light aircraft.

DeltaHawk Diesel Engines - DeltaHawk Diesel Engines for Aviation, Marine and Land Based Applications

Diesel Air Limited - Diesel Air Ltd has designed and developed a 100HP compression ignition engine for aircraft use based on the opposed piston two stroke principle used by Junkers, Rolls-Royce, Napier and Coventry Climax. The modern horizontal version introduced by DAIR results in a lightweight powerful unit ideally configured for installation in most light aircraft on the market today. The 100hp engine provides high operating efficiency, reliability and extended TBO.

Ecofly - The SMART turbo motor was conceived and developed by Daimler Chrysler as a radical new approach to the drive system for the new City Coupés. This project aimed at setting new standards in production by focusing particularly on the weight and therefore the ecological impact of the car. The technology implemented by Mercedes-Benz for the design of this motor made it equally interesting for aircraft construction

ECO-Motors - Diesel Aircraft Engine Site, come and see the installation of a modern automotive common rail Diesel engine in a light sports aircraft to cut in half the costs of flying in the 100HP class!

Experimental Fuel Injection - We offer Overhauled engines and the only Fuel Injection Kits; We also do Custom CNC Fabrication and can add Fuel Injection to any Engine

FREEDOM MOTORS - The Freedom engine is based on the Wankel rotary engine, which was patented in the late 1950's by Felix Wankel.

Great Plains Aircraft - offers the most extensive line of VW based engines (assembled or kits), accessory kits, and individual engine parts for VW powered sport aircraft. All this plus customer service and product support - based on 25 years of experience.

Hexatron Engineering - Hexadyne Aviation P60 air-cooled engine 60 HP (62 BHP for short periods of time) Four stroke OHV - 4 valves/cylinder Air cooled Displacement 800 cc Crankshaft @ 5750 rpm = 2300 rpm prop speed

HIRTH-ENGINES - Helicopter, hovercraft, ultralights, amphibious aircraft, etc. There is no task that the new Gobler-Hirth engines cannot perform with precise and absolute reliability. Multipoint injection, programmable ignition systems and many other innovations make the Gobler-Hirth engines so adaptable, like never before. Another reason why Gobler-Hirth is one of the most interesting interlocutor for innovative manufacturers.

HKS AVIATION - The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed, two cylinder, four-stroke engine used in Light aircraft, PPCfs and Trikes.

Hummel Engines - The Hummel 2 Cylinder VW — Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 1/2 VW engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the aviation community.

Jabiru Engines - Jabiru believe that the Jabiru range of very light engines will now offer new opportunities for light aircraft designers to develop a new generation of light aircraft.

JPX - JPX is specialising in designing and manufacturing 2 stroke, 4 stroke and 4 stroke certified engines for light aircraft, ranging from 12 BHP to 94 BHP and is currently developing turbo jet engines for model airplanes. JPX holds the Civil Aviation Agreement D.G.A.C JAR 21-G N° F-G 073. Located in Vibraye (72-Sarthe), in France since 1970, JPX is a medium size company specialised in engines and parts such as con-rods, crankshafts, cases, cylinders and forged pistons.

Leonard Milholland's Better Half VW Engine - Welcome to Ultralight flying. I started on the Better Half VW engine conversion about 1993, and so far have sold about 3000 plans of this conversion. One unique feature is the fact that there is no need to cut that case!

Limbach Flugmotoren - For more than 30 years the name Limbach Flugmotoren has been associated with flying. More than 5500 Limbach aircraft engines are in use around the world and have run up more than 16 million hours. Limbach Service Stations are operating in 23 countries, and the service net is being expanded continually.

Masschi Motors - The "Masschi 105" is a four stroke four cylinder. We have chosen for a liquid cooled engine as difficulties encountered with air cooled engines are well known -- temperature and stress levels are much higher. This together with the Nikasil threaded cylinders and German Racing Pistons gives very much confidence to reliability. Compactness of this flat head aero engine gives the opportunity to incorporate into sleek narrow cowlings.

Needleye Engines - Needleye engine company manufactures a twin cylinder four cycle aircooled engine for light aircraft. The engine can be used in either tractor or pusher configurations. The engine is 100 cubic inches or 1660 cubic centimeters and produces 52 horsepower at 2750 rpm.

PARMA TECHNIK - Aircraft engine MIKRON III UL is a four stroke, air cooled, over-head valve, carbureted, inverted in-line four-cylinder engine, an UL version of MIKRON III E. The version is designed for Ultra-light or other light aircraft which can employ it's small size. Small cross section enables desirable shaping of the cowling with considerably reduced frontal drag of the aircraft..

Powersport Aviation - Powersport Aviation's 215 HP rotary engines and Propeller speed redutction units are in production.

Raven Rotorcraft & Redrives Inc. - We are a small company based in Boulder, Colorado presently designing reduction drive units based around the GeoŽ/SuzukiŽ auto engines for conversion to a wide range of homebuilt aircraft. Our goal at Raven is to keep flying affordable through the adaptation of already proven automotive technology.

Real World Solutions - Are you flying a rotary powered aircraft (gyro or plane)? Have you received your FREE "I love flying my Mazda Rotary"? If you have not, click on the GUESTBOOK navigation button; send us your information including mailing address, and attach a picture of your aircraft if possible, and we'll send your free button.

Rotary Aircraft Engines - Why is a new rotary engine a better choice for aircraft? These engines are specifically manufactured for aviation. This is not an automobile engine conversion. They have dual spark plugs per each rotor, dual ignition, altitude compensating electronic engine management with fuel injection, and full in-flight engine monitoring. They are water cooled, and have metered oil injection so that they are always running on clean oil. They were designed for flying and designed to keep flying.

Rotary Engine Technologie - The four engine sizes (40 HP, 80 HP, 180 HP and 240 HP) are intended to be utilized in ultralight, homebuilt and experimental aircraft. Other usages include UAV’s for military applications, powered parachutes, autogyros, powered balloons, etc. The engines are not FAA certified for use in General Aviation Aircraft.

Rotax Aircraft Engines - Development, manufacturing and assembly according to Aviation Standards Class leading power to weight ratio More than 125.000 aircraft engines sold since 1973 Fulfilling standards of aviation (FAA/ EASA-JAA regulations)

SAUER Aircraft Engines - We produce Aircraft Engines that have the sole purpose of impressing their pilots anwe every flight. -in terms of power, efficiency, longevity and dependability.

Simonini Flying - The Twentieth Century is the past...Ger yourself in the Twenty-First Century!!! Use the Simonini engines: no carbon residue in the cylinder, electronic ignition, consumptions lower the 4 stroke engines, 600 hours with no maintenance

ULPower Aero Engines - Wouldn't you just love to fit this light weight, modern technology aircraft engine into your favourite ULM, ultralight or experimental aircraft ?! With fully electronic variable timing ignition and multipoint fuel injection, the UL260i is the better alternative to existing "old technology" aircraft engines. Even as a direct drive, low rpm engine, it has an excellent power to weight ratio.

Valley Engineering - The engine is a Four-Cycle, two-cylinder, 990cc, V-Twin developing 38 hp at 3600 rpm. With a Valley Engineering PSRU and Culver prop, it will do everything and more that the current smaller two-cylinder, two-cycle engines do. All this with the reliability, low rpms, smooth operation, fuel economy and throaty sound of a four-cycle engine.

Verner Motor - New engine available. Engine VM 133S with one BING carburator for simpler installation and better fuel consumption.

Wilksch Airmotive - Wilksch Airmotive's design team has combined new technologies and packaging with a 2-stroke "diesel" (C.I.) operating cycle. Because the concept uses a robust four stroke style multi-valve cylinder head, valve timing can be optimized allowing a turbocharger to provide scavenging and boost over the whole power range. Use of the 2-stroke cycle allows high power outputs to be achieved without the need for a reduction drive.

Zanzottera Technologies - Born in 1982 Zanzottera Engines is a company dedicated to the design, development and production of piston engines for the propulsion of small and medium sized Uav's.

Zoche Aero-Diesels - The Diesel engine has demonstrated the lowest specific fuel consumption of any prime mover (as low as .26 lb/hp hr for very large 2-stroke marine Diesels). It uses fuel which is much cheaper and still contains more energy per gallon than gasoline or avgas. Decades ago there were several Diesel aircraft engines (built by Guiberson, Packard, Rolls-Royce, Clerget, Fiat and others). In the 1930´s the Junkers "Jumo 205" supercharged 2-stroke Diesel was used...

cavey avio engine - presentation of a dawn of a diesel aircraft engine

Complete Autogyro Gyrocopter plans on CD only $50 - we supply gyrocopter plans on CD

ASE - Aero Swiss Engine - ASE engines and PRSU for ultralight and experimental aircraft. From 75 to 135 HP

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